New Year, New Projects

Time to settle down from the busy holiday season and decide what to work on next. I have three items on my list that I’d like to get done within the next few months:
Work in Progress: An m/m sci-fi novel that I hope will become a series.  I have an outline and the first couple of scenes done. As I get further along, I’ll start posting some snippets.
The Professor's AssistantRe-release: My novella, The Professor’s Assistant, is now out of contract with the publisher. I plan to do some re-editing and get a new cover and then I’ll self-publish it. So it may be unavailable for a few weeks starting in February or so until I can get it posted again.
Patchouli story: What can I say? I love Michael and Jude. They’re just so much fun to write about. I’d like to do another Christmas novella with them. I have some ideas, but not even an outline yet, so I’m not sure I’ll get it done in time this year. We’ll see.
What about you all? Any big goals for this year?

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