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Reviews for Friday Night Jamie

Several reviews are in for Friday Night Jamie. They’re pretty decent, so I’m happy about that, considering it’s my first attempt at creative writing since I won a short story contest in the eighth grade — at which time I decided that writing was waaay too much work and didn’t do it again for — well, a really long time. Never you mind exactly how long.
So here are a few links if you want to know what folks are saying before you part with your hard-earned money. Believe me, I know how that is. Like most writers in this genre, I’m a reader and a fan before I’m a writer. I’ve spent far too much money on books myself. But it’s so much fun!

Jessewave 4 stars
by Jenre
“So if you like thrilling suspense plots, sympathetic and sensible characters, and a sensual but tender romance plot, then you can’t go wrong with this book. … Friday Night Jamie was a real pager turner for me and I recommend it.” Read more…

Literary Nymphs 4 Nymphs
by Chocolate Minx
“Friday Night Jamie is a well written romantic suspense. … Bren Christopher has created a fantastic, as well as, enjoyable saga.” Read more…

MANtastic Fiction 4 Stars
Book of the Week
“…very impressed with Bren Christopher. Nice characters, great story.” Read more…

Friday Night Jamie to be released Nov. 9

Friday Night Jamie from Loose IdJust got the cover art for Friday Night Jamie, done by April MartinezThese gorgeous guys are due for release on November 9th from Loose Id.

After a hot encounter in an alley, Jamie can’t stop thinking about Matt, even though he is not the kind of man he expected to share his carefully ordered life—until Jamie finds himself on the run from the mob and only Matt can help him!