About Bren

Bren Christopher is a multi-published romance author who currently resides in Florida. Although Bren has always been an avid reader in every genre, it wasn’t until she discovered erotic romance that the characters who had been content to reside in her imagination started insisting they needed a wider audience. Matt and Jamie of Friday Night Jamie were the first, but others quickly followed. She has a lot of fun helping her folks come to life, and hopes you have just as much fun getting to know them.


 Discussing The Professor’s Assistant and other writing topics with paranormal romance writer, Rhonda Print.

Discussing the ideas behind The Professor’s Assistant with Jadette Paige at her blog, My Book My Journey.

Discussing Second Chance Sam and other books with author Kay Berrisford.

 Discussing The Perfect Moment and other books with author Kay Berrisford.

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You can also find me on Facebook and Twitter. Bren Christopher on FacebookBren Christopher on Twitter See you there! – Bren

2 responses to “About Bren

  1. Hi Bren,

    I’m contacting you to see if you would be interested in guesting on my blog.

    http://www.jadettepaige.blogspot.com I host m/m authors with new and upcoming releases as well as older books. The theme is My book, My journey. It’s the story behind the book. How you came to write this piece. Hope you will consider guesting. You can reach me at my email if you’re interested.


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