Second Chance Sam going to Print

Second Chance SamI just got the print cover for Second Chance Sam. It should be available in print in about a week. Even though my ebooks are more popular than the print books, it’s always exciting to hold that physical copy.


Patchouli On Retreat is now free at Amazon. It has already moved up to number 3 in the free Gay Romance category. It’s also now available free at Barnes and Noble.

I’m heading out soon to meet up with some writer friends at the library for a day of getting busy with some word count. Maybe I can finally decide what to work on next. I have a whole herd of plot bunnies in various stages of completion, but whenever I finish a project, I always have a hard time settling on the next one.

Here is a little more about Second Chance Sam:
Tristan and Cory have been together forever and thought they always would be—until Sam comes into their lives.
In a fit of jealousy, Tristan commits an inexcusable act of anger. Unable to trust his own temper, he leaves Cory although it breaks both of their hearts. Even if Cory can forgive him, Tristan can never forgive himself.
Cory is determined to prove that Tristan has nothing to fear and that, together, they can find a way to put the past behind them—until an old guilt of his own arises to weaken his resolve.
Somehow in this morass of jealousy, remorse and grief, Sam must find a way to reunite the couple he inadvertently tore apart. But the ghosts of Tristan’s difficult childhood threaten to keep them separated despite Sam’s best efforts.
Now Sam must be more than a friend to the two if he is going to bring them back together. He’ll do whatever is necessary, and if his plan happens to lead to a bit of fun for all three of them… surely no one can blame him for enjoying it just a little.
But if Sam succeeds, will it mean the end of his own chance for happiness?
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  1. I loved Second Chance Sam!