New Contract – Patchouli 2!

I know it’s hard to think about Christmas in the middle of Summer – especially here in rainy, sweltering Florida – but this the time of year Christmas stories have to be submitted. I’m happy that Loose Id has accepted my follow-up to Patchouli for Christmas. At the end of that 2010 Christmas story, Jude and Michael had just started dating. Now we’re checking in with them a couple of years later to see how their relationship has progressed – or not!
Yes, I meant to get the story out for 2012 and not 2013, but I’m a slow-as-molasses writer. Or, as someone I know likes to say, “slower ‘n molasses headin’ uphill in January”.  Although I actually blame my lateness on Tristan from Second Chance Sam – he’s a pushy little thing and insisted on getting his story out first.

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