Reviews for Friday Night Jamie

Several reviews are in for Friday Night Jamie. They’re pretty decent, so I’m happy about that, considering it’s my first attempt at creative writing since I won a short story contest in the eighth grade — at which time I decided that writing was waaay too much work and didn’t do it again for — well, a really long time. Never you mind exactly how long.
So here are a few links if you want to know what folks are saying before you part with your hard-earned money. Believe me, I know how that is. Like most writers in this genre, I’m a reader and a fan before I’m a writer. I’ve spent far too much money on books myself. But it’s so much fun!

Jessewave 4 stars
by Jenre
“So if you like thrilling suspense plots, sympathetic and sensible characters, and a sensual but tender romance plot, then you can’t go wrong with this book. … Friday Night Jamie was a real pager turner for me and I recommend it.” Read more…

Literary Nymphs 4 Nymphs
by Chocolate Minx
“Friday Night Jamie is a well written romantic suspense. … Bren Christopher has created a fantastic, as well as, enjoyable saga.” Read more…

MANtastic Fiction 4 Stars
Book of the Week
“…very impressed with Bren Christopher. Nice characters, great story.” Read more…

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