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Having been an avid reader all my life, I had toyed with the idea of writing but never taken it seriously — I knew how much work it would be (and I was right!). Then I got my iPhone in May of 2009 and everything changed. There was a whole world of ebooks for my Kindle and other eReader apps and I just devoured them, especially the kind of romance books that I would never want anyone to know I was reading. But with an eReader, you can read whatever you want and no one needs to know.

I started out on Amazon and then decided to visit the publishers of some of my favorite ebooks.  And there they were — submission guidelines, and no agent needed. Suddenly, writing a book seemed much more realistic. By November 2009 I was writing, and in June 2010 I had my first contract with Loose Id, one of my favorite ebook publishers.

But an ebook? Did it matter to me if my book might only be published in ebook format, and not in print? How big an audience is that?

Well, here’s one answer from an article in Publisher’s Weekly June 29, 2010:

B&N Sees Strong Growth in Consumer Books, Led by Digital
By Jim Milliot, Publisher’s Weekly, Jun 29, 2010
In an investor conference Tuesday morning, Barnes & Noble executives painted an upbeat forecast for both the consumer book market in general and B&N in particular. The company forecast that the consumer book market will grow from $23 billion in 2010, to $27 billion in 2013, with all the growth coming from e-book sales. Sales of e-books will be $6 billion while sales of print books will fall by $6 billion. B&N is confident it will be one of the few places where people will buy e-books unlike the highly fragmented bricks-and-mortar market. Read more…

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